Abomt Doek on Fleek Lifestyle

Doek on feek Lifestyle is all about celebrating women! Yes we celebrate her tenacious spirit, her loveof self, her love for those around her and her ¦ove for embracing the woman that she is becoming.
Doek On Feek events began with Thandi‘s desire to bring women from all walks of life to a place where they do not have to worry about titles and achievements, but just come together with other women and celebrate the diversity,life and colour that women bring to this world.
As Doek on Fleek Lifestyle events, we give women opportunities to come and network through themed AllWhite / floral Picnics, Parties, Market Days, Boat Cruise, Kids Picnics, Stokvel Gathering and Karaoke Parties.
Over the past three years, we have successfully created and promoted these beautiful events which have grown into a movement that has touched the lives of women across the nation. We have covered 9 provinces of South Africa and had the opportunity to be in Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. 


As Doek on Fleek Lifestyle, we aim to create environments that empower women. Women are encouraged to put on their head wraps and come enjoy a day surrounded by other inspirationa¦ women.
It takes place mostly in a garden type environment, where guests are welcome to bring camp chairs, picnic blankets and picnic baskets. Guests are also welcomes to decorate their own picnic space as they see fit, to give it a On Fleek Picnic Experience ambiance.
As Doek on Fleek events hold our networking sessions at venues across a¦¦ nine of SA‘s provinces and across our borders in Swazi¦and, Lesotho, Botswa– na and Zimbabwe.
Our platforms give women an opportunity to tap into their entrepreneurial skills. We set up stalls at our events and give women opportunities to sell and promote their products and services.