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Doek On Fleek Lifestyle is all about celebrating women! Yes we celebrate her tenacious spirit, her love of self, her love for those around her and her love for embracing the woman that she is becoming.

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Ladies, get ready for a day of pure enjoyment and empowerment at 'Doek On Fleek.' This event is all about celebrating the unique beauty and style of women. From doek styling competitions to fabulous fashion showcases, it's a day where you can let your hair down, literally or figuratively, and simply have fun. Join us for a dose of laughter, camaraderie, and all things 'on fleek.' Whether you're into fashion, beauty, or just connecting with amazing women, 'Doek On Fleek' is your playground for the day. Let's create unforgettable memories and celebrate the joy of being a woman together!


Get ready to celebrate the beauty, grace, and achievements of women at "Doek On Fleek: A Women's Empowerment Extravaganza." This event is a vibrant tribute to the diversity and strength of women from different cultures and backgrounds. From a stunning doek (headwrap) fashion show to inspiring talks by female leaders, artists, and activists, "Doek On Fleek" is a day filled with empowerment and unity. Join us as we weave together stories of resilience and success, showcasing the remarkable tapestry of women's contributions to society. Let's come together, celebrate, and uplift each other because when women support women, incredible things happen.


A special event designed to uplift and celebrate the incredible power and grace of women. It's a day dedicated to embracing self-expression and self-confidence, where women from all backgrounds come together to share stories, wisdom, and creativity. From doek styling workshops to empowering talks by inspiring women, "Doek On Fleek" is a canvas for female strength and unity. Let's wrap ourselves in the beauty of diversity and amplify the voices of women, because when women uplift each other, they shine their brightest.

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